Changes to the way Payslips are published from Karen Bennett

Due to a change in the payroll software you will no longer receive an ePayslip.  Instead, payslips will be published on a monthly basis to the self -service tile (Cintra) on myday where you can access your payslip (using the payslip tab). You will be able to view each months payslip at least 2 days before pay day. This month’s payslips will be available to view from Friday morning (23 February 2018).

Please do not hesitate to contact Karen Bennett if you have any queries.

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Guest speaker for Comic Con from Helen Dobson

Comic Con will be held in The Know on Thursday 1st March at 11.30 – 2.00.

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Car Parking from Bev Beaumont

Please can I ask that staff do not park on the kerbs around the college carpark but use the designated spaces.  There are always plenty of spaces in the sports hall if the main car park is full.  The area immediately to the right of the sub-station is also not a parking space as it is the disabled access route to the Duncan Lawton Building.  The car park has a one way system and staff should not try to leave the car park through the main entrance barrier prior to 5pm.  At 5pm the barrier is lifted and after that time it is considered safe for staff to proceed that way, with caution, as most students will have left.



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Briefing notes 2018.02.21 from Dee Campbell

Briefing 2018.02.21

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JISC Digital Capability Discovery Tool

JISC Digital Capability Discovery Tool

The Digital discovery tool is an online self-assessment tool for staff, which gives them the opportunity to find out more about their own digital capability through a series of reflective questions. Completing the questions gives them an opportunity to reflect on their confidence and capability in each area of digital capability, and provide feedback including a summary of their digital profile; suggested actions they can take to build their capability further; and links to resources that they can use to support their development.

We would like all staff to use this tool, not only because it provides useful suggestions/links for their own development, but also because the summary information provided to the college will enable us to provide appropriate training to target areas in which staff feel less confident.

The assessment has 45 questions – 15 sections with 3 questions per section, which should take no more than 15 mins – it’s quick and easy to use. You need to be honest. It assesses your level as developing, capable or proficient, gives you an overview of what you need to do to improve and then resources to use to do this. It then creates a PDF which you can then save to your user area & share. You can also go back in and re-do the test once you’ve done some CPD, if you want to look at improvements. All responses are confidential; the College will only have access to summary data.

You must answer every question honestly, however some questions will not necessarily apply to everyone, so for those questions that aren’t within your remit just answer as best you can. E.g. using digital tools in the classroom won’t be appropriate for some support staff.

Please complete the questionnaire by 29 March in order for us to determine and arrange the most appropriate training to put on in INSET week.

How to sign up for the JISC Digital Capability tool

You will need to sign up. So from the home page (
1. Click on the ‘sign-up’ link just below the ‘Sign in’ box.
2. This will take you through the sign up process, where you will need to provide your name and email address
3. You will then need to create your password (this needs to be at least 8 characters, one capital letter and one number). This is also where you need to use the code dcap17!
4. Finally you will need to select your institution from the drop down list (note that this is sensitive to any apostrophes in your organisation name) and your department and role before reading the data privacy notice and creating your account.

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LoveisLove LGBT+ group

Next meeting is on
Date : Friday 23rd Feb 
Place: Room 97
Time:  1pm

Everyone welcome
A safe space to share
& support + biscuits                  

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Comic Con Gifts from Helen Dobson

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Tutor Group Reps meeting from Richard Lee

There will be a tutor group reps meeting on Weds 28 February at 1pm in Room 52 (next to the canteen in the main building).

The main items on the agenda for both Year 12 and Year 13 reps are:

  1. Mock exams: how did you find the mock exams? What did you think of the results’ day and assemblies? And the ‘at risk’ appointments?
  2. University/other applications: Year 13 – how have you found the whole application experience – now its towards the end; Year 12 – how are you finding the early sessions on university applications?

Please can reps get some feedback from their form groups before the meeting with regard to the 2 issues above.

If there are other items that you would like on the agenda, please contact Richard Lee (

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Briefing notes 2018.02.07 from Dee Campbell

Briefing 2018.02.07

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Top Teaching Tip of the Week – QUESTIONS from Julie Maher

Questions are so much a part of teaching that they are often taken for granted. Effective use of questions may result in more student learning than any other single technique used by teachers. In general, we should ask questions that are thought provoking and require more mental activity than simply remembering facts. Questions should require students to grasp concepts, explain similarities and differences, and to infer cause-and-effect relationships.

Here are some key characteristics of an effective question:

  • Have a specific purpose
  • Be clear in meaning
  • Stimulate thought
  • Require definite answers
  • Relate to previously covered material

If the lesson objectives are clearly established in advance of the lesson then it is easier to plan for the delivery of effective questioning. Such questions should keep student discussion moving in the right direction in lessons.

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