Absent Student Exceptions List

Surname Forename S Number Tutor Group Dates Reason
Ahsan Mohammed T116139 12ABE 04.11.11 to 21.11.11 Pakistan
Akhtar Fahmida T013947 13SSM 06.12.11 to 23.12.11 Holiday
Hussain Nadia T115644 12LAY 26.03.12 to 30.03.12 Wedding
McConnell-Mertens Dean T116784 12CML 31.10.11 to 11.11.11 Holiday
Nisa Zeb-Un S911876 13GSN 26.03.12 to 30.03.12 Wedding
Rasul Usman T014255 13APN 09.11.11 to 24.11.11 Holiday
Shahid Zinnaira T014042 13GSN 31.10.11 to 18.11.11 Holiday
Wu Jasmine T013120 13KKN 31.10.11 to 10.11.11 Wedding
Yousaf Hamera T012757 13APN 02.12.11 to 23.12.11 Holiday
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