Absent Student Exceptions List

Surname Forename S Number Tutor Group Dates Reason
Ahmed Zarah T218011 12JBE 07.12.12 to 07.01.13 Pakistan
Ahmed Sabah T116304 13SCC 01.12.12 to 21.12.12 Pakistan
Capuano Eleanor T115297 12ALS 17.12.12 to 21.12.12 Holiday
Chidziva Rufaro T115966 13JBE 05.12.12 to 21.12.12 Zimbabwe
Dawes Charlotte T116602 13SKI Dec 2012 Personal
Ferguson Emma T217203 12GSN 05.12.12 to 21.12.12 Holiday
Knight Chantelle T115944 13AHN 07.01.13 to 08.01.13 Spain
O’Reilly Emily T217043 12ARY 03.12.12 to 07.12.12 Holiday
Sarah Neelam T115609 12CML 27.11.12 to 21.12.12 Pakistan
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