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91 Year 13 students who have not yet returned their yr12 Department resources (NOT Library books) by this Friday 04/10/13, will be disabled from the network w/c 07/10/13. These resources were due June 13, which makes them now over 12 weeks overdue!

The current value of these resources is over £2,300. This is our standard procedure which was agreed by SLT, Resources Group and Academic Board a number of years ago as being the ultimate sanction.

The students will have had the following reminders before they’re disabled;

11 warnings via email

1 week from final warning before they are disabled

Ample time to come and discuss situation with The Know

It works! Last year we disabled 61 Yr 13 in October 2012 who had not returned their Department resources* and only 3 failed to return the items. It is the final sanction. The College does not have any further sanctions for students if they do not return these items. The College loses £3000 of stock, on average each year, that isn’t returned by students (including leavers). This year we have lost nearly £5,000.

We appreciate that students are inconvenienced by this, but that is the whole point. The College has to have some final means of getting the items back and unpleasant as it is, this system works and has worked very successfully for a number of years. Personal tutors/HOMA’s will be informed of students in their groups who have been disabled. If students still haven’t returned the items after 1 month (therefore off the network for this period) they will be referred to an appropriate member of SLT.

* resources include laptops, equipment, not just books

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