Teaching Top Tips from Jack Evans

Salutations pedagogy fans! Are you psyched to facilitate some learning? Of course you are! With this in mind, guide your peepers below to discover two quality activities you can easily share with your students TODAY. This week, we’ve got a starter and a plenary.

Starter: Odd One Out 

  1. Write three to five key terms related to the current topics on the board.
  2. Working individually, students note down and justify, in one sentence, which one they believe to be the ‘odd one out’. (2 mins)
  3. Students share what they’ve written in pairs/groups. Meanwhile, you circulate challenging their reasoning, or allowing groups to feed back to the whole class. (3 mins)

BONUS: This task works even better if you design it so there’s a bit of leeway regarding which might be the ‘odd one out’.

Plenary: Student Questions 

  1. Write a question based on the lesson on the board (as an example).
  2. Students write down three of their own questions based on the topic covered. (3 mins)
  3. Students share their questions in pairs/groups. (1 min)
  4. Choose three students to ask their questions and three others to answer them. (3 mins)

BONUS: If you fancy, you could use stage 4. again at the beginning of next lesson as a starter activity. You maverick.

Remember, you don’t have to follow these tips rigidly. If you feel there’s a better way to use these ideas with a particularly rambunctious class or exotic topic, get creative and bend them to your will – perhaps share how it goes with your next PLC? Good luck and happy teaching!

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