Oldham Teachmeet 23.4.15 4.30 at Newman College from Louise Astbury

#TMOldSchool is all about going back to basics.  Lots of teachmeets focus on using technology to enhance teaching but this teachmeet is all about stripping back teaching to its essentials.

We want to showcase inspirational teaching strategies that teachers have used in their class as well as the best methods for behaviour management. Can you share your finest pedagogical approaches? Perhaps you can share your inspirations and the principles that guide your practice to inspire others.

We’re looking for enthusiastic teacher who will share their good practice and ready-to-learn lurkers to come and join us in a celebration of the best of teaching.

If you would like to present, you just need to choose either a 7 minute presentation or a 3 minute micro-presentation to showcase the best practice that has had an impact in your classroom or school. The only thing we ask is that your presentation is an aspect of teaching that is non-reliant on technology. (Slideshows are allowed for the actual presentation though!)

Never been to a teachmeet before? Why not make this your first one? Sign up using this link:


The Oldham Teachmeet will take places Thursday 23rd April at 4.30 in Newman College.

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