Reporting Staff Sickness Absences

Please can staff ensure they follow the below process and that you leave your full name,  reason for absence and duration of the time absence from work on the HR absence line. Many thanks HR.

Reporting Absences and keeping in touch

Employees who are going to be absent from work due to illness must contact their Line Manager and Human Resources (Absence line) before 8.15am by phone. (Absence line number 01612878001). (There maybe exceptional circumstances that will be taken into consideration case by case).

During this call, employees should explain:

The reason they are absent;

  • The length of time they expect to be absent/their expected return date if known;
  • Whether they intend to see, or have sought, medical help or advice;
  • Information the manager will need to reassign the employee’s work.

Wherever possible the relevant CAL or Line Manager should be emailed with details of any work or lessons that will require cover during the absence.

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