Study Leave for Summer 2017 Series Examinations

Arrangements for the summer exams for GCSE and AS/A2 level students are as follows:

  • GCSE and AS lessons will only continue until the last exam in each subject.
  • Students will not be expected to attend lessons between their last exam in the respective AS/GCSE subject and when they break up for May half term in each subject.  Registers will be edited so that they don’t show on CEDAR for marking after last exam in each AS/GCSE subject up to 26 May.  AS lessons will resume from 12 June.
  • Study Leave – Students are entitled to half a day’s study leave for independent study in the morning prior to an afternoon exam.  However, if they have a morning exam they should use the previous evening for independent study.
  • Taking information from the exam timetable (starting 5 May until 30 June), CEDAR will show morning Study Leave Sessions as V.
  • Students are able to view their own exam timetables listed under ‘Exam Timetable’ on the left-hand menu on CEDAR.
  • Students can view their own Study Leave Sessions on the ‘Attendance – Week Grid’ view on CEDAR.
  • Friday 26 May is the last day before half term.
  • The week after half term (5-9 June) is INSET for Staff/Revision week for students.  Revision sessions may also be arranged during this week.   However, vocational students may have to attend classes – they will be informed individually by subject staff.
  • Lessons will therefore resume on Monday 12 June for the 4 remaining weeks of term.

Any questions please contact either Mita Shah or myself.

Thank you

Suzannah Reeves

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