Bulk Printing from Tina Warhurst

Large quantities of printing should be brought into Reprographics.

The MFDs in Repro can provide a faster more efficient service to meet the business needs of OSFC.

Following the Repro Policy guidelines, we can usually turn work around within 24 hours but, we need 48 hours’

notice for large bulk printing (working days).

The printing cost is the same on every MFD and Repro MFDs within the college.

To print on the smaller MFDs, for example: 250 sheets will take around 5 mins.

To print on the Reprographics MFDs,: 250 sheets will take around 2 mins.

Using the MFDs in Repro for large bulk printing will free up the smaller MFDs for smaller printouts for all staff and students.

Job Requests

For jobs to be completed by reprographic staff efficiently, a job request form is available online, following this procedure:

Start – All Programmes – Staff Applications – Photocopying Request Form and fill out the form along with any special instruction and attachments.

Request Forms can also be found alongside the in tray at the front of the reprographics department.

Fill in the department to be charged, name of requester, date when work is required, quantity wanted and a description of how

you want your work to be completed.  Jobs can also be provided on a memory stick or email:

Reprographics@osfc.ac.uk    twt@osfc.ac.uk    mai@osfc.ac.uk

Reprographics is staffed from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.20pm

Thanks Tina

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