Help with The Wedding Singer from Liz Ramsay

As you know the college production The Wedding Singer in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings of next week at 7.15.  I am asking for help from any member of staff who is coming to see it.  We need staff to help with three main areas:

  • Taking tickets on the door/selling tickets on the door (I would sort the petty cash and tickets etc for you) of each evening.
  • Getting the audience to fill up from the front as far as possible
  • Kicking the audience out at the end of the show… not literally.  Clearly parents will be waiting for their kids, which is fine, but over the last couple of years, we have had lots of the students’ ex-teachers, family, extended family and friends stood outside the theatre chatting for lengthy periods, which is proving difficult for premises to close the college in a timely fashion, so I need a couple of members of staff who can gently shepherd the audience out once they have collected their kids, so that we can all go home, whilst we get tidied up downstairs.

(KLN is sorting the refreshments at the interval, but if anyone can help him out, I’m sure he would appreciate.)

If you are coming to the show (thanks) and are willing to help with any of this, can you e-mail me (ery) which night you are coming and I can assign jobs to people, so that we can be as organised as possible for each of the evenings.

Thanks very much in advance – there’ll be chocolate in return… 😊


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