Behaviour for Learning drop-in sessions from Doug King

Friday Lunch Room 99 

The sessions aim to provide an informal opportunity for teaching, pastoral and support staff to identify behaviour issues, share strategies and ideas to develop behaviour for learning amongst our students. 

The key topic for the first term will be about practical ideas to embed Keystone Classroom Routines, one of the key tools in effective management of the behaviour of students. These routines are the cogs at the centre of classroom practice and can have a huge impact on the behaviour of a class, addressing common behaviour issues and quickly re-focus students. 

Questions to consider about our classroom routines: 

  • What routines do we have for: the start and end of lessons, mobile phone usage, group work, individual work, working on PC’s, lateness? 
  • Are these shared routines for all teachers who teach the class?
  • How often are the routines shared with students?
  • How are they shared with students?
  • Do our routines get reluctant, one-off compliance or help create positive and productive environments?
  • Can we go too far with routines?



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