New Visitor Signin In system in Main Reception – InVentry from Mita Shah

We have a new signing in system in the main reception area for visitors to College 1. InVentry is an electronic visitor log book, and is used widely by schools and colleges nationwide. We hope this will enhance the visitor experience, help streamline the administration of visitors to site, whilst enabling us to meet health & safety/security/safeguarding requirements for visitors . We are using the basic features of the system at the moment as we continue to explore it further and develop procedures. In the meantime, we’d like to highlight the following:

  • Visitors will be asked to enter the name of the staff member they are coming here to visit. The staff member will then receive an automatic e-mail to inform them that their visitor has arrived, along with a photograph so look out for these notifications in your inbox!
  • If you are expecting a large group of visitors (6+) for a meeting or training event, please inform Chris Gilder at reception by e-mailing, at least 24 hours in advance, including the names of your visitors, if possible
  • For large groups attending events, it is helpful if you can provide names (and where they are from) on a spreadsheet rather than an e-mail

The system is only being used in main reception. Visitors to other college buildings should continue to sign in directly at reception of the building they are visiting.

Many thanks in advance


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