CLA Royalties Data Collection Exercise from Corinne Walker

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) will be collecting data regarding the photocopying and scanning of copyright material in the College, commencing Monday 14th January 2019.

This information is required so that authors, visual creators and publishers may be fairly rewarded for the use of their work, which helps support CLA with the distribution of royalty payments.  This is not a compliance exercise and the data is collected anonymously. This does not apply to students.

Yellow collection boxes will be distributed around College at all MFD locations (including Reprographics) and will remain in position for six weeks from Monday 14th January to Friday 1st March.  During that time, if you photocopy, scan or upload from a book, journal, magazine or any other published resource you must:

  • Make a copy of the page or back cover with the ISBN barcode on it (not the College barcode that starts with B).
  • If no ISBN is available copy the title page/front cover containing, title, author and publisher.
  • If copying from an older resource where neither of the above are available make a full copy of all pages so that CLA can trace the originating source.  You may also write the title information on the front if known.
  • Take a label from the pouch on top of the collection box.
  • Complete the label and attach it to the ‘identifying’ copy you made.
  • Place the copy with the label attached in the yellow collection box.
  • If you scan/upload material to the College VLE (MyDay/Google Classroom) follow the same procedure as above, but estimate the number of students that the material will be made available to and enter this figure on the label provided.  (For instance if you scan an extract from a book that is made available to a class of up to 30 students, then 30 is the estimated number of people that the material is made available to)

Short extracts from a page or chapter, images, diagrams, charts and copies of copies are included.

The CLA Royalties Officer, Susan Twigg supporting us throughout the royalties exercise, will be happy to answer any queries you may have when she visits on Friday 11/1/19, to set up the boxes and posters



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