British Science Week 6th -17th March 2019 from Kathryn Parkinson

A celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The OSFC Science centre will be running a variety of activities that you could get involved in. Below are some to start thinking about and applying for.

1.Fastbleep course 

Fastbleep Schools, a non-profit group of student doctors and nurses at the University of Manchester aim to improve social mobility through medicine and healthcare. A free 3-hour session involves teaching students clinical skills like basic life support, suturing and laparoscopic surgical simulation, as well as providing advice on how to get into medical school, interview tips and what makes a good medical/nursing student. Priority given to science students with a good record of attendance and effort.

When: 6th March or 13th March 1pm -4pm 

Where: Here at OSFC

Essential for: Yr 12 or 13 students hoping to study medicine, paramedics or nursing.  

To secure your place go to science centre reception give your name, T number and subjects studied to Lesley asap. Places are limited. 

2.Primary Science Opportunity closing date applies

Would you like to run a fun science experiment with a small group of primary school children during British Science Week 2018? Its a great experience and will look fabulous on your personal statement whatever you are applying for.

When: 8th -17th March various times during the college day

Where: Primary lab ground floor of the Science centre

Full training given you dont have to study science it may be you are interested in primary teaching. 

Essential for: Yr 12 or 13 students wanting to go into teaching, science, both teaching and science or not sure what they want to do but want the experience on their application.  

To apply write a short paragraph as to why you are interested and give into Lesley at the science reception desk, make sure your full name and T number is included. Deadline: 1st March 4.15pm. 

3. Mentoring opportunity.closing date 8th March 4.15pm

Manchester University Phd students are looking to mentor a small group of yr 12 science students through the coming months of applications. If you are interested in chemistry, physics or you study these subjects and you are not sure what you want to do after college this is for you. The Phd students will work with you to help you make decisions about your future and give you work experience in the Manchester University labs, which specialise in research for materials in extreme environments. This is a great way to get stand out in order to get offers for the best apprenticeships or from the top universities.

When: Meet the mentors 13th March 

Where: Here at OSFC 12.10pm room 313. 

Essential for: Yr 12 Students studying chemistry or physics who want to go into this field or are not sure what they want to do. Extended vocational science included. 

To apply write a short paragraph introducing yourself to the mentors and tell them why they should pick you. Hand into Lesley at the science reception desk, make sure your full name and T number is included. Deadline: 8th March 4.15pm. 

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