Literacy Mentor Scheme from Gemma Alonso

We are running a Literacy Mentor Scheme. If you know of any students who would like to have a Mentor or students who are confident writers and enjoy helping others, could you mention the possibility of taking part in the scheme?

In order to apply, they will contact Gemma Curto Mentors will receive an application form or they could pick one of from The Know and give it to Gemma. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 20 November. Many thanks.

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New starters

Welcome to the following new members of staff:

Abigail Blythe (ABE) – Learning Resources Facilitator (Officer)

Amy Lever (ALE) – Finance Assistant

Clare Walsh (CWH) – Tutor for Psychology

Jannat Ara (JAA) – Tutor for Health and Social Care

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Teach Meet: Tuesday 20th November from Louise Astbury

Bluecoat School are hosting another Teach Meet on Tuesday 20th November from 5:00-6:30pm. They have hosted several really successful Teach Meets over the last few years where staff from various schools have presented on a variety of different ideas that worked in their classroom. You can attend and simply watch but the success of these events depends on the quality of the presentations and I’d encourage you to sign up to present. It doesn’t have to be flashy, just something that’s effective in your classroom that could be shared with other teachers.

Teach Meet Flyer (Nov 2018)

There are full details on the attachment, you can sign up here:

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Brisk walking group from Karen Bennett

Reminder – brisk walking group every Tuesday!

It’s a great way to look after your own wellbeing at work by taking time out to connect with colleagues and build on social relationships whilst taking part in physical activity.

Time:  1.05 – 1.35pm

Meet:   Main car park entrance

Where to:  Alexandra Park

Any questions please contact

Hope you can make it 🙂

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Teaching and Learning from Elizabeth Ramsay

In continuing to look at Retrieval Practice, we look at the next stage of Alex Quigley’s SEEC Model, which looks to close the vocabulary gap. We last explored the first element of the SEEC Model; SELECT, where we broke down challenging, academic vocabulary for students.

The next stage on the model is EXPLAIN. This sounds simple and for the teacher it can be – we explain what a concept or a word means and hope that the students now fully understand it and can use it in their work. This can be problematic for those students who actually don’t understand it right away. Quigley suggests that rather than simply telling the students, their understanding of the vocab and how to use it is much improved when using the following methods:

  • Say the word carefully, breaking it up phonetically.
  • Write the word, referencing common sounds or letters, much like identifying common prefixes or suffixes.
  • Give a clear, straightforward, student friendly definition, e.g. “obtuse,” meaning not very sensitive or slow to understand.
  • Give multiple meaningful examples in order to contextualise the term, e.g. “On being asked why he was late, Ibrahim was being deliberately obtuse.”
  • Ask students to give examples of how they might use the word to clarify multiple meanings or misconceptions.

Next time: EXPLORE

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5 by 5 from Elizabeth Ramsay

As mentioned before half term we are holding the first 5 by 5 session of the year at lunch time this Thursday (8th November) and I am looking for volunteers to share some quick, simple teaching tips at the meeting. These can be anything – a marking hack to ease work load, good classroom management techniques, seating plans, timing, starters/plenaries, time management, proformas you might have created to use with the students, anything that you found useful that other teachers could tweak for their own groups… It doesn’t need to be formally presented (no PowerPoints or anything) just a quick two minutes to explain what it is and why you find it useful.

We welcome offers from both new and experienced teachers – the more suggestions, the better.

If you feel that you have something to share, can you e-mail me your name and what it is (one sentence will be enough!)

Thanks so much in advance
Liz Ramsay (ERY)
Many thanks

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Journal Club from Maria Beswick

The next journal club meet up will take place on Tuesday 11th December. Please email if you would like to come.


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External advert

The following job has been advertised on Greater Jobs and our website.

Work Placement Coordinator (Technical Qualifications)

22 hours per week (preferably over 3 days), 39 weeks per year. To commence November 2018, fixed term for 18 months.

The college is looking to recruit someone to organise high quality, substantive work related placements for students on a Technical level qualification. The role will involve working alongside OSFC staff and employers to ensure that the students on work experience programmes are successful. You will be expected to support the implementation of the College’s Student Employability Skills Strategy and to work closely and collaboratively with other members of the Careers and Employability Team, particularly the Employability Coordinator.

The successful candidate will be able to work independently, with minimal supervision and provide positive and supportive team membership and communicate effectively with all staff in the college. It is essential you have good interpersonal skills and the ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with others, particularly employers and people in a workplace environment.

Salary: Pro rata of Point 21 of the Sixth Form College’s Support Staff pay spine, currently £18,125 per annum.

Advert Closing Date: 12 noon Friday 9th November 2018

Interview Date: w/c 12th November 2018


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Parents’ Evening Student List from Student Services

Below is a final full list of all students whose parents have been invited to Parents’ Evening on Wed 7th November. These are all Foundation Year students and Y12 & Y13 At Risk students.

Nov Parents Evening 2018 – full student list

Also included in the spreadsheet is the reason for being at risk; whether they were invited to the At Risk meeting on Monday 22nd October (those with one zero or more for effort), and whether they attended the meeting or not. Y12 and Y13 At Risk students who received 1s for effort in all subjects have been invited to lunchtime assemblies this week in clusters.

Non-attendees from these lunchtime assemblies and the At Risk meeting on Monday will be invited to a mop up session P6 on first day back after half term,  Monday 5th Nov.

An e-mail and a letter home has been sent to parents of this list of students. Some will also be telephoned over half term and all will receive a text straight after half term to remind them about Parents’ Evening.

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Digital Skills Support from Julie Pickwell

From Monday 5th November the Know team will be offering Digital Skills Workshops in Room 41 (Quiet Study Area in Main Building) every day. These workshops are open to both staff and students, and tutors are welcome to bring groups to the workshops or refer students to specific ones.

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