5by5 resources from Suzanne Foulds

The resources from Tuesday’s 5by5 are now on IRIS Connect – ‘OSFC Sharing Good Practice’ page.

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Author visit form The Know

Liam is also willing to go into classes to give talks while he is here. If you are interested in having Liam attend your class, please email ELS@osfc.ac.uk to let Emma know.


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Class Audit February 2018

The class audits are in your pigeon holes for you to complete this week

Between Monday 5 & Friday 9 February 2018, could you please check that all of your registers are correct as at the time of registering your class

The deadline date is Monday 19 February 2017

Please return this form to Donna Wright in the Student Services

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Requests for Changes to Contracts

Requests for part -time contracts or a change to a contract should be submitted to HR as far in advance as of the desired start date as possible, but no later than Friday 9 March 2018, for the following academic year. Please note, requests related to the Flexible Working Regulations have different timescales, although if staff are able to bear the above in mind, this would be much appreciated in terms of planning.

Flexible Working Request Form

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The Know February Half Term Opening

Mon 12th, Tues 13th, Wed 14th February – open 9.30am – 3.30pm

Thurs 15th & Fri 16th February – Closed all day

No ID card = No entry

Café and social areas will remain closed.


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Help with The Wedding Singer from Liz Ramsay

As you know the college production The Wedding Singer in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings of next week at 7.15.  I am asking for help from any member of staff who is coming to see it.  We need staff to help with three main areas:

  • Taking tickets on the door/selling tickets on the door (I would sort the petty cash and tickets etc for you) of each evening.
  • Getting the audience to fill up from the front as far as possible
  • Kicking the audience out at the end of the show… not literally.  Clearly parents will be waiting for their kids, which is fine, but over the last couple of years, we have had lots of the students’ ex-teachers, family, extended family and friends stood outside the theatre chatting for lengthy periods, which is proving difficult for premises to close the college in a timely fashion, so I need a couple of members of staff who can gently shepherd the audience out once they have collected their kids, so that we can all go home, whilst we get tidied up downstairs.

(KLN is sorting the refreshments at the interval, but if anyone can help him out, I’m sure he would appreciate.)

If you are coming to the show (thanks) and are willing to help with any of this, can you e-mail me (ery) which night you are coming and I can assign jobs to people, so that we can be as organised as possible for each of the evenings.

Thanks very much in advance – there’ll be chocolate in return… 😊


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Comic Con from The Know

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Briefing note 2018.01.31 from Dee Campbell

Briefing 2018.01.31

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Staff mentoring students from Carolyn Powell

As part of the resilience group, a number of staff (both teaching and support) decided that they wanted to help students with their emotional health and organisation via mentoring.

Jenny and her team have successfully led this initiative this academic year and have found the targeted appointments really beneficial for both students and mentors.

These students are classed as those that are maybe a little ‘wobbly’ yet do not have complex emotional needs.

If you would like to get involved with targeted support mentoring a student, we would welcome more mentors. Jenny and her team would be able to prep you adequately.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please drop Jenny an email (JKG) and she can point you in the right direction.

Many thanks

The Resilience Team

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Works to staff admin corridor from David Crossland

We are planning to redecorate the staff admin corridor over the coming weeks starting w/c 5th February when the painter will commence with partial wallpaper stripping and preparation works, it is intended that these works can proceed with staff still able to use the corridor in safety. The following week is February ½ term and the painter will complete the painting works over this week, clearly it is unavoidable that there will be wet paint along the full length of the corridor and for those support staff who are in over this week we will make alternative arrangement for access, toilets and kitchen facilities.

Apologies for all inconvenience during the course of these works.


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